Digimarc Mobile SDK for Apple Platforms

The Digimarc Mobile SDK (DM SDK) is comprehensive and robust scanning software for Digimarc Barcode (Product Packaging, Thermal Label, Print Media, and Audio) as well as the most common traditional 1D barcodes found in retail and QR codes.

Digimarc Barcode is a novel data carrier that encodes data in media in ways that are generally imperceptible to people, permitting the carrier to be repeated many times over the surface of the enhanced media. It delivers unprecedented ease of use, reliability, and efficiency in identifying the media due to massive mathematical and graphical redundancy.

The Digimarc Mobile SDK also includes support to optionally query the Digimarc Barcode Resolver for additional content and metadata related to the Digimarc-enhanced media your device is seeing and hearing in the world around you through the Digimarc Mobile SDK.


The Digimarc Mobile SDK (DM SDK) is packaged as a framework (.xcframework). To install, refer to the DM SDK Installation Guide.

Minimum Requirements

IDE: Xcode 13 or newer

Deployment Target Minimum Version Camera Microphone Image Data Audio Data
iOS, iPadOS 11.0 Supported Supported Supported Supported
macOS 10.13.0 (High Sierra) Supported Supported Supported Supported
Mac Catalyst 10.15.0 (Catalina) Unsupported Limited * Supported Supported
watchOS 4.0 Unsupported Supported Unsupported Supported
tvOS 12.0 Unsupported Unsupported Supported Supported

* Only some Apple capture APIs are supported under Mac Catalyst. Please refer to the DM SDK Audio Reader documentation for details.