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Find out how to increase operational efficiencies and engage smart customers by stopping at Digimarc Booth #2875 to discover how packaging and label technology is transforming today's store.

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Find out how to reduce shrinkage in the perimeter departments.

  • Grab a bag of candy featuring Digimarc Barcode retail labels, and see how easy it is to scan damaged labels
  • Find out how to reduce shrinkage by easily selling soon-to-be expired fresh items

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Discover how easier checkout boosts your front-end ROI.

  • Check out examples of product packaging enhanced with Digimarc Barcode
  • Experience easy checkout with Digimarc Barcode by playing our checkout scanner game

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Revitalize the center store with digital communication. 

  • Scan a hang tag with Digimarc Barcode for dynamic pricing and brand-generated content
  • Find out how associates and customers can scan shelf edge tags for up-to-date inventory info

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