View Controllers

  • View controller for detecting Digimarc audio and image marks, and QR and barcodes. This view controller provides camera and audio detection for Digimarc technologies. If permissions have not been given to the application for camera and audio access, this view controller will request them. The implementor must also set the username and password properties before displaying the view controller. The username and password should be a resolver username and password supplied by Digimarc. The DMSDetectorViewControllerDelegate protocol notifies the delegate application when a payload has been detected, or when a payload has been resolved to a payoff for presentation to the user. The view controller will not automatically dismiss when a mark has been found, the implementor is responsible for defining that behavior. The implementor can do things such as dismissing the view controller after detect, or adding another view controller to the navigation stack.

    The detector view controller will only turn on the camera or microphone as needed. If audio or image symbologies are not enabled, the relevant hardware will not be turned on. For example, if all the image symbologies are disabled the camera will be turned off. This can be configured before the view controller is displayed, or re-configured while it is displayed.

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    @interface DMSDetectorViewController : UIViewController


    class DetectorViewController : UIViewController